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Projekte im 2019-2023

Building the Modiin Station will improve MDA’s response to incidents in the area and provide residents with optimal and timely emergency medical care, as well as train the next generation of medical professionals. The station is planned to increase the area served and serve as a regional station for the greater Modiin area. A regional station differs from an MDA station in that it typically provides additional services beyond emergency response services such as hosting training courses, regional offices and backup ambulances for emergency times.

Services Provided 

The Modiin Station is staffed with 2 MICUs (Mobile Intensive Care Units), 4 Standard Ambulances, and 4 emergency ambulances of which 1 is outfitted with basic ALS (Advanced Life Support) supplies and 3 are community ambulances, which provides services not only to Modiin - Maccabim - Reut, but also to the surrounding communities. The communities include: Mevo Horon, Beit Horon, Moshav Matityahu, Shaalabim, Nof Ayalon, and many others. In addition to the ambulances, members of the Modiin Station act as first responders 24/7 to provide emergency medical care until the arrival of ambulances to an incident both in their private vehicles and on MDA Medi-Cycles. 

Per shift, the station is staffed with 2 standard 

ambulances and 1 MICU which provide services to Modiin - Maccabim - Reut and surrounding areas. These ambulances are reinforced by 4 volunteer ambulance teams who add to the services daily. 

Being that the Modi’in station serves such a large geographical area, its call volume is high in proportion. As of 2018, the Modi’in station handled 17,034 emergency incidents which are detailed in the graph. 

As the population grows, the number of incidents and demand on the EMS system will grow in proportion, thus the need for a new station which can accommodate the ever-growing population and the ever-evolving challenges.


 MDA Modiin Station status report 16.11.21

Foundation pillars and foundation connecting beams are in place.

Casting the 0:00 level foundations floor are in place, including the related preparation work for water, sewage, electricity and communication systems.

In process: placing the walls scaffolding according to the cement plans directed by the architect.

Preparations for the premises development plan and clearing out the excavating debris. 


MDA Modiin Station status report 13.10.22

Final stage prior to casting the roof.


MDA Modiin Station status report 14.02.23

1.       Floor tiles placed in full.

2.       Electricity infrastructure works conducted.

3.       Air condition infrastructure work conducted.

4.       The external perimeter safety wall, including stone cover, in place.

5.       During next week the placing the inner plaster wall covers will start.

6.       During next week external development work will start.

 According to the present plan we expect that the station construction project will end during May 2023.